Young Wise Consultancy for Turkish Universities

Young Wise Consultancy for Turkish Universities was established by Assoc. Prof. Hasan Said TORTOP, in 2017 to provide Azerbaycan, Nigerian, Russian, Pakistan e.g international students with reliable information about study opportunities in Turkey.  Our Istanbul head office is based in the Küçükçekmece district which is located in Istanbul.

The Young Wise Consultancy Student Services

Young Wise Consultancy for Turkish Universities provides educational services for international students, giving them the opportunity to be involved in consultancies about Turkish Universities.  We give academic counseling and placement service for Language Programs, Degree Programs (Foundation, Bachelor, Master or PhD degrees), Vocational and Professional Programs.  We also assist our students with their visa application and travel arrangements.  We commit ourselves to following our students’ progress during their studies in Turkey giving them any additional assistance throughout this period.

All counsellors have degree qualifications and have studied in Turkey.  They visit our partner schools on a regular basis forming a strong working relationship and learn more about what is on offer for students.  Each counsellor works individually with the student ensuring they take the qualifications that perfectly match their personal and academic needs with the best course and institution available.  To ensure this, the student co-ordinates with the counsellor until the student is satisfied with what they wish to achieve.

We provide the student with information about study opportunities in Turkey, the institutions available for their specific needs, the entry requirements, any future career prospects and finally the fees and funding sources.  We supply the student with all the paper work and brochures to allow them to consider the right choice for them and also enabling them to discuss their options aside from their counsellor meetings.


Our Team

Assoc. Prof. Hasan Said TORTOP
Assoc. Prof. Hasan Said TORTOPGeneral Manager
Assoc. Prof. Hasan Said Tortop is founder and Director of Young Wise Consultancy. His specialities are gifted education, higher education, psychology.He is also the editor of three international academic journals. In this respect, academics in many countries have a secure network.It organizes workshops on international students. Turkey has prepared a number of projects related to the solution of the problems of international students.

International Representatives

Dr. Mohammed Nasir Khan
Dr. Mohammed Nasir KhanYWC Representative of Pakistan
Hasan Aliyev
Hasan AliyevVice Director / YWC Represantative of Azarbaycan
Hasan Aliyev is a computer engineer. He completed his education in Turkey. He is currently doing a master’s degree. She has taken part in many congresses on the problems of international students. It has an extensive network in studying and finding employment in Turkey.
Manlan Bosso
Manlan BossoRepresentative of YWC, Ivory Coast
He study on Graphic Design in Turkey.
Dr. Dian Eka Indriani
Dr. Dian Eka IndrianiYWC Represantative of Indonesia
STKIP PGRI Bangkalan University, DOAJ Ambassador, CCGN, IGDORE
SuheriYWV Representative of Indonesia
Lecture STAI At Taqwa Indonesia

Dr. Fatih ÇOŞKUN
Dr. Fatih ÇOŞKUNScholarship Counselor
Fatih Coskun is a physics engineer. He has many articles and projects. Is an expert on the state’s universities and business opportunities in Turkey.
Adeoye Benjamin
Adeoye BenjaminYWC Represantative of Nigeria
Ahmet Şerifzade Tebrizi
Ahmet Şerifzade TebriziYWC Represantative of Iran
He is lecturer EFL. He study in Turkey.
Naser Alizadeh Aghdam
Naser Alizadeh AghdamYWV Representative of Iran