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All counsellors have degree qualifications and have studied in Turkey.  They visit our partner schools on a regular basis forming a strong working relationship and learn more about what is on offer for students.  Each counsellor works individually with the student ensuring they take the qualifications that perfectly match their personal and academic needs with the best course and institution available.  To ensure this, the student co-ordinates with the counsellor until the student is satisfied with what they wish to achieve.

We provide the student with information about study opportunities in Turkey, the institutions available for their specific needs, the entry requirements, any future career prospects and finally the fees and funding sources.  We supply the student with all the paper work and brochures to allow them to consider the right choice for them and also enabling them to discuss their options aside from their counsellor meetings.


Young Wise  Consultancy is devoted to excellence in consultancy services, mentoring, networking providing right decision for international students.

  • Continuous cooperation -We provide solutions not only for study but also for finding a job with our consultants

  • Residential Permit– we provide safe living and peace

  • Academic Support – We provide academic support and networks for the personal development of our consultants

We aim to provide the highest quality counseling to each of our clients.


In Turkey, the development of international students to provide counseling to be provided to the maximum level.

The pursuit of knowledge is the greatest ideal in the world.

We are committed to providing the highest level of service to our consultants. We work endlessly with our quality team to ensure it.

We promise to be with our consultants in all their problems

Life spent on education is fruitful




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